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I began my career in events specializing in Corporate Trade Shows for Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs. That garnered me amazing experience about how to bring something so large together + make sure that it was executed perfected but I wanted to work on smaller, more intimate projects - weddings! My love for music + Weddings led me to Scratch Weddings where I worked with renowned DJs from across the country to guide couples through one of the most important factors of any great party - the music! Working with over 230 couples, we expertly defined their personal style + wedding vibe + together compiled their perfect wedding soundtrack to tie the knot! My background in Visual Merchandising + Event Planning ensures that while everything is visually pleasing it's also working double-time to ensure everything makes sense logistically.  I don’t believe that there is only one ‘right’ way to do things in life + that translates into my work as well. I shy away from the ‘cookie-cutter’ wedding standard + work to bring my couples’ personality through every aspect, for a day that feels true to them + their relationship. I'm passionate about everyone being able to celebrate their special moments in a way that feels individual to them so I’m all about bringing the fun, personable, + sustainable into every event I curate. Whether that means finding a home for flowers after the big day to dropping off uneaten food at shelters, everyone deserves a reason to celebrate so I work hard to ensure that nothing goes to waste.​

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Meet The


1. I love to LAUGH

2. My main goal in life is to be HAPPY

3. I believe that everything happens EXACTLY as it's supposed to. If it didn’t work, then it wasn’t meant for you! 

4. I’ve known my best friend since FIRST grade

7. I love having a reason to CELEBRATE! From Friendsgivings to baby showers, I’ll throw a party for any life event, major or minor

8. I have a 4-year-old German Shepard named SHADOW. Our parents doggy-sat while we traveled

5. I sold all my belongings + backpacked across the WORLD with my boyfriend for a year when I was 24

6. I LOVE surprises! Whether it’s surprising friends or being surprised, it’s always fun to have an unexpected reason to celebrate

9. I come from a large FAMILY on my mother + my father’s side. They love to get together often so family has always been very important to me

10. I love to READ - it’s one of my favorite hobbies!

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Fun Facts! 

Sheral Telfair

Assistant Coordinator + Day-Of Assistant

Tara Nichols

Assistant Coordinator + Day-Of Assistant

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