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11 Best Questions for Potential Wedding Florists

There is no exaggeration when we say that floral design could change the mood of your weddings or events. The bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and backdrops all must involve a flawless execution of floral arrangement. That is why it is crucial to choose the best wedding florists that could execute your dream floral installation. And to make sure you’ve got the best among the bests, here is our comprehensive list of questions to guide you to pick the most suited florist for your big day.

1. Which Flowers would you recommend helping us maximize our budget?

Your florist always goes to the flower market, so most likely, they know which flowers have the most discounted prices. Your florist also knows the wedding flowers that come with the most quantity allows you to have a bigger spread and the bargain flora. Also, if you are looking for another cost-saving alternative, opt for a local and in-season flower compared to ordering and shipping flowers that are far from you.

2. How do you price your floral arrangement? Do you have a minimum floral budget?

Some floral shops have a minimum floral budget. This means that no matter how expensive your particular quote might be, as long as it is not within their minimum budget, you won’t get florals. For instance, if the shop’s minimum is a thousand dollars that means that you won’t get a floral under a thousand dollars no matter what service you wish to contract.

But, not all florists have a minimum budget, so it will be beneficial if you take this opportunity to ask your potential florists if they have one. This will also help you know the price range that you are ready to spend on your flowers, if you are on a strict budget limit or if you are prepared to pay an extra on your floral.

3. How would you describe your design style?

Asking this to your vendors would give you the opportunity to hear from your vendor’s mouth how they describe their own work and the elements they like to use. Once you have the description, it would be easier for you to decide whether they fit your vision or not.

4. Can we see photographs or live samples of your work?

Ask your florist whether or not the examples they are showing you are a reflection of their personal style and work that they like to produce. Or it is an example of a specific request from a client that they were able to execute. Neither of these is a bad thing because if you like it and you connect with them, that means you like their work and their artistry. And it is one step in the right direction for your potential relationship.

5. If I give you a picture of a bouquet and/or a centerpiece that I like, can you recreate it?

This speaks to their overall willingness to recreate and execute something that is not their overall original design. If your vendor is not comfortable to recreate a photo, then that is something you must know.

6. Are you able to create a sample arrangement and/or table mock-up before the wedding? If so, would it be at an additional price?

Having your florist create a mock-up for you to review before your actual wedding date gives both you and your florist a chance to see how all the floral and decorative items are working together, and to make any last-minute adjustments if you feel there is a need to be. It is also a surefire way to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This may or may not come at an additional cost depending on your florist, so it is an excellent question to ask because some florists just include it. But others say that you have to pay an extra fee.

7. Is the delivery, setup, and breakdown of floral decor already included in your package, or is it an additional fee?

These are small line items that actually add up to be a large ticket if you aren’t aware of them. If you find out that they just dropped them off and not set them up, and now you are left on your actual wedding day without your florals set up. No one wants to arrange or have unarranged flowers on the actual day-of, so you must have this clear from the beginning with your vendor.

8. Is there an extra fee If I need you to stay throughout the ceremony to move arrangements to the reception site?

You mustn’t instantly expect your florist to deliver, assemble, and wait for your ceremony to move your florals. Some florists may or may not charge for this because they already set up the florals and centerpieces in your reception. So, it is best to ask to have a clear idea of what to do.

9. Are you able to provide organic, pesticide-free, or sustainably grown florals?

Zero waste wedding is not only becoming trendy but also a great way to reduce the negative consequences to the environment. While this is totally up to you, we typically suggest our couples opt for locally-sourced and sustainably grown florals that could suit best their celebration.

10. Do you use floral foam?

Be sure to ask your florist if they use floral foams if having a zero-waste wedding is significant to you. Florists usually use floral foams to give the arrangement a structure and to make sure that the actual floral stem cells have access to water.

However, the floral foam is non-biodegradable and is made of single-use plastic, which does not really vibes sustainability. So if that is something important to you, ask your florist if they offer any sustainable alternatives, such as using chicken wire as opposed to floral foams.

11. What happens to the flowers after the wedding?

If you guys would like to eliminate as much waste as possible, consider setting up a donation system with your florist. Wherein after your wedding, your florist will take all of your centerpieces and all the untaken bouquets. They could bring the flowers to possible second homes such as to local hospitals, churches, nursing homes, and wherever to maximize the life of the flowers. Not only do you get the most of your money, but you also get to bring small smiles to people.

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