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11 Modern Ways to Walk Down the Aisle at Your Wedding

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Newly wed raising their hand happily

For some brides, walking down the aisle escorted by their father is what they’ve dreamed of for their whole lives. But it is the year 2020! If conforming to tradition isn't your style, our team has some creative + unique ways for you to slay your walk down the aisle. Here are 11 modern alternatives to being given away on your wedding day that celebrates your independence + willingness to enter marriage.

Bride, with father, singing while walking down in the aisle

1. Stick to Tradition

While some brides may prefer to break tradition, many have long-awaited being walked down the aisle by their dad on their wedding day. If you want to honor your father as the constant man in your life, then your wedding day is the best day to do so. Having your father give you away is an intimate tribute to your dad and a reflection of the closeness of your relationship with the first man in your life.

2. Two is Better than One

Maybe you grew up in a blended family and you want to honor your step / adopted father along with your biological dad at your wedding. If this is the case, consider speaking with each of them separately and explaining that you would like to have both of them escort you down the aisle. This allows you to outwardly express your appreciation for all that they've added to your life and is an amazing way to honor both of them. Some brides also choose to have their stepfathers to walk them halfway through then, pass their hands to their biological dads to continue down the altar.

3. Both Parents

No rule states that it’s only the father of the bride who can escort her on her wedding day. Thus, you can also consider having both your parents give you away at your ceremony. Wedding processional marks the very start of your marriage journey. And it is a great alternative to have both your mother and father to lead you to your groom at the altar.

4. With your Mom

Having your mom walk you down the aisle solo is the perfect way to celebrate being raised by a strong and independent woman! Give your mom the proper tribute for her love and dedication to raising you by asking her to give you over on your wedding day. It will probably be a tear-jerking moment, but it surely is a walk to remember!

5. Outside the Box

Perhaps there is someone else that has given you profound guidance other than your parents that you want to thank and to honor at your wedding. Maybe your life has been considerably impacted by your best friend, brother, uncle, or other family members, and you would love to be escorted by them at your wedding ceremony. Whatever your reason is, have a thorough conversation with them and let them know that you want them to join you as you walk down the aisle.

Two brides kissing each other at a same sex wedding

6. Same-Sex

If you and your partner are same-sex and you'd both like to walk down the aisle, fret not! Whether you decide to walk down the aisle together or you decide to flip a coin to see who walks first, it's important to know that you can both have your moment in whichever order feels best for you two.

7. Walk Together

Rather than marching down the aisle alone or with an escort, why not have your partner to join you on your walk to the altar? Many couples have opted to ditch the traditional “wait at the altar” moment and instead opt to start their journey down the aisle with their partner. Walking down the aisle as a singular unit symbolizes how they will walk through life together. Not only is this another modern approach to your wedding processional but it also allows you to begin your marriage as equals, walking alongside your partner from the very beginning. Still, prefer to walk to your partner? Consider meeting them halfway down the aisle and then continuing together, à la Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's 2018 nuptials.

Dog with bride and groom

8. Walk Alone

If you'd prefer to walk down the aisle by yourself, know that we fully support you! Giving yourself away can feel extremely empowering and can signify starting off your marriage on equal footing. If you do decide to escort yourself, finding ways to honor whoever would have traditionally given you away is always a nice touch and is an amazing way to highlight their presence in your life.

9. Skip the Walk

Whether it is because of wedding jitters or simply because you prefer not to, you do not have to walk down the aisle on your wedding day. Whatever you decide make sure that you and your spouse are in agreement; some people have dreamed of seeing their partner walking down the aisle toward them, while others haven't given it much consideration so it's important to know where your partner stands. Remember that there isn't only one "right" way to do things and that what is most important is doing whatever feels best for you two.

10. One is not Enough

Sometimes one aisle is not enough for modern couples trying to go for a unique + contemporary approach on their wedding day. If this sounds like you, maybe you want to consider investing in two aisles instead of one. Talk with your partner and have both of you walk from two different paths then meet at the altar. You can also include each set of your parents to share the walk with you.

11. With your Pet

Are you a proud fur parent? Consider having your pet walk with you on your way to the altar or adding them to your wedding party. Whether you decide to leash them or to have them trot alongside you, not only are they a cute accomplice, but also an integral member of your new family.

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