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7 Wedding Planning Tasks to Conquer During Quarantine

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

We know that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the wedding hopes of couples across the globe. We know how much you all have invested in your weddings and we look forward to the day where you can celebrate as planned! Our team at BTLE wanted to share some tips to uplift your spirits and help keep your wedding planning on track. We may be quarantined in our homes but there is still a lot to be tackled!

Plan Your Seating Chart

Before you can decide who sits where, you need to decide which table layout you would prefer and determine which works best for your venue. While most reception venues offer either round or rectangular tables, your choice is likely going to be affected by your budget, your guest count, the size of the space, and aesthetics.

Round tables will accommodate more guests and maximize space in your venue's floor plan, while rectangular tables will raise the elegance and promote conversation among guests. Once you know your preferred layout, it’s time to gather your confirmed RSVPs and begin grouping your guests into tables.

Create categories for each table to help you assess where you think each guest would feel the most comfortable. It's also helpful to consider who they know at each table. Dedicate tables for various groups such as the wedding party’s head table, work friends, immediate family, kids table, and more. Remember that you won’t be able to please all of your guests, but taking the extra steps to consider what would make them the most comfortable will go a long way.

Pick Your Ceremony and Reception Music

Here’s a task that’s sure to keep you entertained throughout your quarantine period — crafting the perfect soundtrack for your celebration! Use the list below as a loose-guide to song selection and cut whatever doesn’t apply to you. If you need some inspiration for selecting that extra-special song, check out our BTLE Spotify Wedding Playlists!

Ceremony Music List

· 15 Minutes of Pre-Ceremony Music

· Wedding Party Processional

· Groom Processional

· Bridal Processional

· First Kiss Song

· Recessional

Reception Music List

· Parents of the Bride Entrance Song

· Parents of the Groom Entrance Song

· Wedding Party Entrance Song

· Couple’s Entrance Song

· First Dance Song and Fade Point

· Father/Daughter Dance Song and Fade Point

· Mother/Son Dance Song and Fade Point

· Cake Cutting Song

· Bouquet Song

· Garter Toss Song

· Last Dance Song

· Couple’s Last Dance

· Grand Exit Song

Plan Your Honeymoon

What do you value the most in a vacation? Do you prefer sipping martinis on the beach or zip-lining through the rain forest? Once you know what you're both looking in your honeymoon, find a happy medium for the both of you and reflect on places with these qualities.

Do any of the potential destinations have significance in your relationship? Is it a place that you’ve always dreamed of visiting? No matter where you decide to go, you both will have earned a much-needed break once the wedding festivities are over!

Practice Your First Dance

Enjoy the privacy of being quarantined in your home and conquer your first dance in private! Whether you’re practicing with your partner or on your own, dedicate some time to learning your moves. Grab your dancing shoes (or your two left feet) and begin practicing in whatever way that makes you feel the most comfortable. Going through the steps repeatedly while no one is around will give you the confidence you need on your big day to own the dance floor!

Write Your Vows

Trying to sum up all that you love about your partner and your dreams for your future together can often feel overwhelming and unmanageable. As nerve-wracking as it may feel, writing your own vows is so worth doing. Take this opportunity to write out your truest feelings and edit them freely, without time constraints and added distractions. You’ve got this!

Research Bridesmaid Dresses

As most of us are quarantined inside, online shopping may be the closest we can get to the outside world! Websites like,,, and offer a wide variety of options for every member of your bride squad, at various price ranges. With most sites offering free shipping and returns, order up some options for your girls and find their perfect fit to match your wedding day vibes.

Tackle DIY Projects

Startup your Cricut and plug in your hot glue gun, it’s time to start crafting! Browse Pinterest or YouTube (both invaluable resources to DIYers) to find a DIY that you feel comfortable attempting. Once you're ready, order your supplies and get crafty while you enjoy your quarantine solitude.

Doing this will not only give you all the time that you need to complete your DIYs; having projects to work on is also a guaranteed way to help your quarantine fly by! If you need some inspiration, check out our Chic For Cheap DIY YouTube Series!

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