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8 Non-Traditional Alternatives to Having a Unity Ceremony

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Bride pouring grey sand to the glass container for unity ceremony

Modern couples have opted to ditch the traditional unity candle and shift to more unique ways to unite on their wedding day. Here are our eight contemporary unity ceremony ideas to inspire you to perform a ritual that is unique to you.

Tree Planting Unity

This wedding unity idea is the perfect eco-friendly alternative for your zero-waste celebration. Start by obtaining a tree sapling or flowering plant from your local greenery to be planted on your big day. Then, take your ceremony to the next level by using mixed soil from the places with a significant impact on your relationship. The tree sapling is also something that can grow along with your marriage through the years.

Tree/Wood Branding Unity

Another unusual token that you can undertake for your wedding ceremony is to brand a tree or a wood. First, reserve a blank or a customized plank for your celebration. Together, imprint the wood with your name initials and the date of your wedding. Remember to be cautious of the metal used for branding. After the ceremony, you can take the relic home and make it a décor to your brand-new house to serve as a memento of your wedding vows to each other.

Canvas painted with pink and green

Unity Painting

If you have no idea for your unity ceremony, why not be a little messy and artistic on your wedding day? Many couples love this modish style of unity ceremony, where the bride and groom together paint a plain canvas.

Before shifting to dinner, take a private art session with your spouse and demonstrate your creativity and love to each other to the art cloth. You can use pair colors to paint the canvas, which is the combination of two colors to describe your joined lives together.

Pro Tip: Instead of the blank canvas, you can also decorate a personalized art cloth with your initials and the date of your marriage.

Unity Cross

The unity cross is a great idea to substitute the unity candle if you want a religious, yet modern ceremony. Some modern couples opt to have a decorative cross which they would secure with three pins symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. There are also couples who prefer to assemble a multi-piece sculpture cross during their wedding ceremony.

God’s Knot/ Cord of 3 Strands

Another religious take to your unity ceremony is God’s Knot. This innovative approach is deeply rooted in the Scripture and was inspired by Ecclesiastes 4:12, which says:

"Though one may be overpowered,

two can defend themselves.

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

The two strands from the left and the right would represent the bride and groom, while the strand in the middle would portray God. The cord of three strands symbolizes the strength of a God-centered marriage that is not easy to break.

Sand Unity

It is nearly impossible to separate the fine grains of sand. Thus, the sand ceremony is a majestic approach to signify a married couple. Similar to the unity candle, the sands get mixed up in particular glass or container. Some couples prefer to use colored debris to make it more radiant, while others incorporate dirt from two different places meaningful to them. It is also the perfect unity idea if you want to include your kids on your ceremony.

Newly wed couple holding glass of champagne for unity ceremony

Custom Wine Blending

If you fancy having a spirited (and tasty) ceremony that is unique to you, try the custom wine blending. Create a custom vino from your favorite wines. However, be certain that the two wines complement each other. If you think wine doesn't suit your style, you can blend other alcohol like whiskey and rum.

And since alcohol can last and taste better through the years, you can preserve some bottles of your customized wine to booze on your wedding milestones. For instance, you can open the wine box on your first anniversary and replace the wine with the new one for the next year.

Unity Puzzle

For couples who are looking for fun and engaging unity idea, consider the unity puzzle. Have a customized three-piece wood puzzle for your special day. The left and right parts would represent the two families. Then, the couple will put on the centerpiece to symbolize the joining of the lives of the two houses through their matrimony.

Bonus Tip: Stamp the wood puzzle with your initials and wedding date to make it more personal to you and your partner.

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