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How to Effectively Communicate with Your Wedding Vendors

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

For many couples, planning a wedding is both exciting and nerve-wracking. While you may or may not have a clear vision for your wedding day, you definitely want it to be perfect!

Think of your team of wedding vendors as your support system; their role is to assist and guide you as you navigate the planning process and to work diligently to make your vision a reality. Because of this, establishing an honest and open rapport with your vendors is vital.

Stating your thoughts clearly, providing photo references, and being able to communicate your likes and dislikes are all powerful tools to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. Here are some tips to help you better communicate your vision to your wedding vendors:

Get Organized!

Preparing for a wedding is unquestionably a hectic task, yet it’s crucial that you set time aside to keep track of all essential wedding documents, contracts, and other relevant information. Whether you make a separate email strictly dedicated to wedding correspondence or simply keep track of these matters using a wedding binder, find a method of organization that works for you and your partner to ensure that nothing will be forgotten.

Check your inbox and spam folder regularly and compile all wedding-related documents in a project-specific folder exclusively for your wedding. You will likely need to revisit those documents as you work with your vendor team, so having them clearly organized and easily accessible is key.

Consider using apps such as Trello or Google Keep to create to-do lists and to remind you of tasks that need to be completed. Websites such as CaratsandCake, WeddingWire, and Joy also offer online wedding tools to help streamline your planning.

Talk to Your Vendors

Regardless of whether you have a clearly defined vision or not the slightest clue, discussing, and sharing your thoughts and insights with your vendors is crucial. Bear in mind that even if they wanted to, your team cannot read minds!

Speak your thoughts to your vendors, ask questions to clarify and provide photos as visual aids as you work together to visualize your day. If you have a lot of ideas but you can’t quite come up with a firm plan, lean on your vendors to help you flesh out what it is that you’re drawn most to and how you can best work together to incorporate the idea into your day.

Pinterest can also be an amazing resource when trying to define your wedding’s overall style or theme. If you plan to use Pinterest, our BTLE team suggests working to create your dream board over the course of three rounds. Round One: Pin everything that you think you might like to have at your wedding and utilize the description box to note what exactly you liked about the photo.

Round Two: Look for common threads such as colors, decor elements, textures, and phrasing. Have either your vendors or a trusted friend review your board and ask them to try and identify a clear theme.

Round Three: Refine your vision. Delete (or repin) pins that no longer match your vision and share it with your vendors, family, and friends.

Be Concise and Concrete

Even though you want to establish a healthy and communicative relationship with your wedding vendors, take into account that you likely are not their only client. While they are dedicated to helping bring your wedding to fruition, you don’t want to impede on their ability to assist or be available for their other clients.

Keep in mind that one of the best ways you can show them your appreciation is to respect their time. Being honest and straightforward with your wedding vendors will also help you as you further develop your relationship.

Before meeting with your vendors, spend time thinking about what it is you want most out of your wedding. Sit with your partner to discuss your priorities, preferences, and overall style. Remember that while you want to consider your vendor’s comments and suggestions, you also want your wedding to reflect your personalities and your unique love story.

To help you achieve this, create a list of things that matter most to you, elements that you absolutely MUST have, as well as things that you don’t care as much about having. Be honest when communicating your thoughts and feelings so that your wedding day can reflect your favorite things about your partner and your story!

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

It is crucial that you remain professional when communicating with your vendors and that you use appropriate language to express comments and feedback.

You hired your vendors to assist you because you trust them and their expertise and respect them as qualified professionals. If something feels off or you feel that you haven’t been heard and understood, constructively speak with them. Inform them of things you would like to be changed or improved and ask how you can work together to make it so.

Your vendors are people, too, so remember to take time to thank them for all that they are doing to see your vision through and to let them know that you appreciate the effort that they are investing in your celebration.

Everything will go smoothly as long as you keep an open mind and an open line of communication with your vendors. They are there to help you make your dream wedding come to life.

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