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The Newlywed's Guide To Wedding Rings

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

From wondering why we wear wedding rings on our left hands, to questioning if we even need physical rings, our team here at BT Life Events is giving you a brief recount of the history and symbolism behind wearing wedding rings. No matter what your personal preference may be, here's the need to know deets about the significance behind wedding rings!

Newlywed couple raising ring finger with wedding bands while kissing

W H A T D O E S M Y R I N G S Y M B O L I Z E?

The circular-shape of wedding rings symbolizes a lifetime commitment to one another. The circle has neither end nor beginning, which means that it continues forever, similar to the love a married couple shares.

For most married couples, wedding rings represent their lifetime commitment to their spouses. Exchanging rings in wedding ceremonies signify not only the love the couple has for each other but also the end of their separate, individual journeys and the beginning of their shared life together.

Couples holding hands and showing off their wedding rings

D O I W E A R M Y E N G A G E M E N T & W E D D I N G R I N G?

Choosing to wear both your engagement and wedding rings comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a more traditional look, you may prefer stacking your wedding band on top of your engagement ring and wearing them together as a set.

If you're feeling less traditional, consider wearing a single ring to represent both your engagement and your marriage. Whichever you decide, know that there is no, one correct way to rock your wedding ring — in fact, it doesn't have to even be a physical "ring". Whether you decide on matching tattoos or simple gold bands, it all depends on your personal preference and what works best for your day-to-day.

Groom putting a wedding ring on the left ring finger of the bride

D O E S I T H A V E T O B E W O R N O N M Y L E F T H A N D?

The ancient Romans, as well as the Greeks, believed that the fourth finger on our left hands contained the vena-amoris otherwise known as the vein of love. Modern-day scientists have been able to confirm that their theories were correct - our ring finger is the only finger that connects directly to our heart.

While wearing your wedding ring on your ring finger is a convenient way to (literally) keep your partner close to your heart, some couples opt to break tradition and wear their fingers on a different hand, or finger, entirely.

Wearing a wedding ring not only represents your personality and your unique relationship, but it is also an outward sign of your commitment to your partner.

Your wedding band serves as a visible representation of your wedding vows and acts as a tangible reminder of the promises you made your partner on your wedding day — and your desire to make those promises a reality, daily. They not only symbolize love and dedication but also the respect and mutual-understanding shared between partners, for better or for worse.

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