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Wedding Traditions for the Modern Couple

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

When planning your wedding, consider which traditions that you and your partner would like to include in your celebration! 0At BT Life Events, we believe that including customs neither of you has faith in, simply because they are "tradition," hinders your ability to fully incorporate your personality and style into all aspects of your celebration.

The only way to craft a perfect wedding is to make it yours. Rebel against tradition and what is conventional; own your wedding by breaking the customary rules. Here are some popular wedding traditions that you can upgrade to go with your vision!

The Bride Has To Wear White

Traditionally, a bride wearing a white gown and a veil signifies her purity and innocence. However, as a team comprised of modern-day women, we believe that no color validates your worth! More and more brides are opting for colorful wedding gowns, bypassing white for colors, ranging from soft pastels to chic black.

Your innovative approach to your wedding attire doesn't have to stop at the color of your gown. If you prefer a pantsuit or a jumper rather than a wedding dress, then so be it! Explore your options and choose the outfit that makes you feel your best, and that fits your day-of vibe.

Not Seeing One Another Before the Ceremony

While some couples still prefer to see their partner for the first time at the altar, modern romantics are opting to have an intimate moment together before they tie the knot. Having a first look not only reduces your nerves before the ceremony, but it provides you with a moment to realize why you're there in the first place.

You and the person you love are getting married, and you're there to celebrate with those closest to you. If you'd still prefer to save the magic for the altar, consider meeting each other before the ceremony to exchange gifts or love letters but, face away from one another so that you don't ruin the surprise!

Bouquet + Garter Toss

Avoid spotlighting your single friends. Instead, consider how you can include all your guests in your celebration. Whether that means asking your guests to repeat a passage along with you during your ceremony, or leaving conversation starters such as icebreakers and team challenges for them at their tables.

Planning activities for guests to interact throughout your day will keep them engaged and involved as your celebration continues. If you and your partner would like to incorporate more physical activities into your celebration, discuss the possibility of having group activities such as a scavenger hunt or tug of war with your venue and wedding planner.

These games are just a few possibilities of how you can highlight your adventurous and bold personalities.

Your wedding should make your personalities shine even if it means breaking the rules and ditching the non-traditional!

Bridesmaids Must Match

Historically, having the bride and her bridesmaids wear similar styles was to prevent enemies from kidnapping the bride on her wedding day. Thankfully, in today's day and age, you're free to let your bridesmaids choose their own attire, allowing them to express their personality and uniqueness.

To ensure that all members of your wedding party have a cohesive look, provide your bridesmaids with a couple of rules to follow, such as a specific style or color. You can also show them some options and ask them which among the designs they like the most so that you can decide which would go best with the attire of the other members.

This relieves the stress of trying to find a single style that suits all members of the bridal party and allows them to select a dress they like and can wear again in the future.

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

The wedding ring symbolizes the union of the couple and has been the representation of marriage for decades. However, with the price of diamonds ever-increasing, they're not easily accessible for all couples!

Notwithstanding the price, as most people wear their wedding ring daily, sporting non-traditional stones allow you to choose a stone (and setting) that compliments your style. From rubies to jade, explore other stones and metals that you think will suit you and express your personality the most!

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