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Welcoming the Biggest Wedding Trends of 2020

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Image Sources: Bloominous, Anna Delores Photography and Coco Rose Floral Design


While sustainability isn’t technically a trend, its growing role in the 2020 wedding season definitely is. And having an eco-friendly celebration often starts with your choice of vendors.

Popular sustainable trends include researching for florists who opt not to use floral foams and who use flowers that are locally grown and in season; stationers who use recycled and biodegradable paper, and caterers who exclusively use local produce from organic farms.

Sustainability is also extending beyond selecting vendors and decors as couples grow more aware of the impacts of mining diamonds. Conscious minds like Lindsay Reinsmith, cofounder of Ada Diamonds, say, “Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds but with none of the negative environmental consequences and are guaranteed to be conflict-free."

You could also enjoy bonus points for going the extra mile to minimize waste by donating leftover food to shelters and floral centerpieces to hospitals or nursing homes, which is sure to bring joy to others long after you’ve said ‘I Do.’

Image Source: Pinterest

Micro Weddings

Smaller, more intimate weddings will be the trend to beat in 2020. As couples trim their guest list, they’ll adopt a quality over quantity mindset and focus on filling the intimate space with nonstop fun and surprise for their guests.

Unlike eloping, micro weddings allow couples to have friends and family participate in their special day but they take the pressure off couples to invite people they may have felt obligated to if they were planning a larger celebration such as their parents’ friends and random coworkers.

The biggest benefit is that due to the smaller size, a lot of unique destinations and venues that would have been ruled out previously, now become options to celebrate with your nearest and dearest friends and loved ones.

Having a smaller number of guests celebrating with you also presents the option to have longer celebrations, such as a three day wedding weekend including post-wedding brunch and rest and recovery day.

Image Source: Nirav Patel Photography

Non-Traditional Officiants

2020 will surely see couples ditching the traditional minister or rabbi and opting for a friend or a family member to officiate the ceremony for an intimate touch.

Having someone you know intimately and who you both love adds an immeasurable amount of heart and energy to the ceremony that not even the most kindhearted minister could muster. Take a hint from Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma’s recent nuptials, and have two officiants for twice the love and laughs!

Image Sources: Christian Oth Studio

High-Style Photo Booths

While photo booths are fun, no one really needs 30 shots of your drunk uncles holding up fake mustaches and peace signs. Give the traditional photo booth a much-needed face-lift in 2020 ( and make the most of your dollars ) and have your photographer curate impromptu portrait sessions of your guests.

While your guests won’t have instant print outs to take home with them, they will appreciate getting a perfectly captured shot and a well-edited portrait of them with their friends delivered to their inbox, which can also double as a thank you note or favor!

Image Source: Erin Roberts Photography

Guest Experience

Who doesn’t love a good surprise?!

As we enter 2020, go for function and fun and create opportunities for interactive moments that your guests will appreciate. From setting up unique escort card displays to having the bartender offer mixology lessons, think about what is most important to you.

You should consider your celebration from your guests’ perspective and challenge yourself to tell your story while providing an interesting experience on their behalf that they will be sure to remember.

Image Source: Pinterest

Honorable Mention: Personalization

At Brandi Tatianõ Life Events, we believe the best weddings always reflect the couple’s style, personality, and love story. Our favorite things to plan are the small details sprinkled throughout the celebration that tell the couple’s story, and that highlights their unique love.

From having a next-level engagement shoot to a non-traditional wedding dress, show your guests your style. Let your personality shine through in as many ways as possible for a day that could never be duplicated but will surely be pinned endlessly. #BeYourselfAll2020

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