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Your Guide to a Modern Wedding Processional Order

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Happy groom and bride walking down the aisle

A wedding processional order is a line-up of whoever will march down the aisle first on your wedding ceremony. Dependent on your religion and personal beliefs, every wedding processional order is different.

Some grooms wait at the altar, the mother escorts the bride, or the couple walks down the aisle together. There is no correct order to do a wedding processional, but there are traditional orders that others choose to follow. Here are some classic wedding processional orders and how you can upgrade them.

Bride and groom walking hand in hand while smiling at each other


Catholic Wedding processional (first to last)

· The priest, groom, and the best man walk first then, wait to the altar.

· Groomsmen

· Mothers of the couple and father of the groom

· Bridesmaids (with or without a partner)

· Maid of Honor (alone)

· The ring bearer and the flower girl

· The bride escorted by her father (or a father figure)

Jewish Ceremonies Wedding Processional (first to last)

· Cantor/ Rabbi

· Grandparents of Bride (if present)

· Grandparents of Groom (if present)

· Groomsmen

· Best Man

· Groom with his parents

· Bridal party

· Maid of Honor/Matron of Honor

· Flower girl and ring bearer

· Bride with her parents

Other Christian Wedding Processional (first to last)

· Parents of the groom

· Mother of the bride (usually escorted by her son, son in law, or any other male family member)

· Officiant

· Groom and Best Man

· Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

· Maid or Matron of Honor

· The ring bearer and the flower girl

· The bride with her father

Couple covering their head


Different ceremonies like civil wedding, same-sex wedding, and the military wedding don’t have any required processional orders. You can choose from the traditional wedding processional, and customize it to your own.

For the civil and military wedding, you can either follow the traditional wedding processional of your religious organization or not. While considering the same-sex wedding processional order, the couple is called partner #1 and partner #2. Of course, that still depends on your personal preferences.

If none of the above orders suit your style, you can upgrade it to your version. Here are some parts that you can tweak for your processional order.

· The brides and grooms walk down the aisle together

· Both parents escort the bride

· Both parents escort the groom

· Groom meets the bride in the middle of the aisle

· Have everyone walk alone

· Mix the wedding party

· Have the grandparents join the processional

Another way to upgrade your processional order is to pick modern wedding ceremony songs for your entrance. Having the perfect wedding ceremony song sets the mood of your grand entrance, and it helps you calm your nerves.

You can also ask your wedding planner and wedding DJ for help in crafting your wedding soundtrack. You can check some of the modern wedding processional songs in Brides, The Knot, and more.

Wedding processional order and wedding songs set the tone and build excitement for your ceremony. These essential elements also highlight your wedding party, your parents, and you and your partner.

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